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CAS Redesign 01/05/2017

An all new redesign of your gateway into VCU web


At the start of the 2017 spring semester, VCU Technology Services has switched to a new Central Authentication Service (CAS) website design. The internet and VCU’s web experience goals have changed since the old design was implemented in 2011. Since then, we've furthered our commitment to performance, accessibility, and utility. This transition has led us to redesign and rethink the CAS experience. Here's some of the thinking that went into the redesign:

  • CAS should be a transparent experience for VCU web
  • CAS should be optimized for mobile use
  • CAS needs to set an accessibility standard example within VCU

To help you become accustomed to the new design we have set up a demo page which you can access by clicking the demo button in the header or demo link before the footer.


With simpler code and design, you can expect the login page to load up to 12% faster; And faster means a better VCU web experience.


Full WCAG 2.0 AA compliance means easier screen reading and proper color contrast, along with tab-indexing and access-keys.

Legacy Support

The redesign fully supports the last two major browser versions, and has graceful fallback beyond that (even for Internet Explorer 8).



CAS should be about logging in and getting to where you're going. We've made this our goal by providing a distraction-free user experience.

Screenshot showcasing the minimalistic design aesthetic of the CAS redesign


Whether you've successfully logged in, run into an error, or just need additional info, messages are now contextual and easier to read.

Screenshot showcasing the contextual messages featured in the CAS redesign


Getting help or information regarding Technology Services, CAS, and eID has never been easier with the all new quick-links footer.

Screenshot showcasing the easy-to-access navigation elements of the CAS redesign


You can check out a simple demo of the redesign here.

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